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Costa Rica - Tamarindo

Located on the northern pacific coast in Guanacaste, this resort area's main attractions are surfing and ecotourism. During tourist season and holidays the beautiful beaches can swell to ten times the off-season population. There is a paved highway from San Jose to Tamarindo and an airstrip located at Tamarindo.

The long beach of Playa Tamarindo offers advanced surfers two breaks—Pico Pequeño, near Hotel Tamarindo Diriá and El Estero, across from Cabinas Tsunami. November and December provide waves up to 12 feet. However, there are many places along the beach for novice surfers.

Turtle watching, diving, snorkeling, body-surfing, zip-lining, fishing, and other eco-tourism excursions are some of the exciting things to do in Tamarindo.

Leatherback turtles comes ashore to lay eggs from November to April. Guided night time tours are available.

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