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Irazu National Park

Region: Central
Location: 30 miles east of San Jose in Cartago Province
Size: 5,705 acres
National Park since: August 9, 1955
Highlights: Irazu volcano, mineral pools, hiking trails
Facilities: no camping, snacks at park entrance, visitor center, bathrooms & picnic tables, nearby restaurants, local hotels

At 11,260 feet in elevation, Irazu is considered an "active volcano" however the last major eruptions were from 1963-1965. There are 4 craters at the volcano's summit. The unique color of the lake located in Diego de la Haya Crater is due to the dissolving of minerals on the crater walls from rainfall.

Wildlife is scarce but the following species have been seen in the area: cottontail rabbit, coyotes, armadillos, porcupoine, weasels, tiger cats, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, and mountain robins.

The best time to visit is between March and April, the dry season. There are many hiking trails in the park to enjoy.

view of Irazu National Park, Costa Rica
photo courtesy of Dirk van der Made


Area de Conservacion Cordillera Volcanica Central (ACCVC)
300 norte 25 este Iglesia Santa Teresita
San Jose, Costa Rica
Main: 2258-1673 or 506-551-9398 (ranger station)
Lodge: nearby hotels

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above photo courtesy of
Gilbert Corrales Villalobos