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Diria National Park

Region: North Pacific
Location: Santa Cruz, Guanacaste Province. Liberia, west to Santa Cruz.
Size: 13,402 acres
National Park since: National Forest Forest Wildlife Refuge since July 9, 1991, Diria National Park in mid 2004
Highlights: tropical forest, river basins of Rio Diria, Rio Enmedio, Rio Tigre, tropical cloud forest, waterfalls.
Facilities: Ranger station at Sector Diria is open from 8am to 4pm and has a bunkhouse accommodating 25 people, potable water, electric generator and restrooms.

The park has two hiking trails—El Venado and El Escabel— that lead to the beautiful Brasil waterfall. Along the way you may see howler monkeys, anteaters, deer, Jaguaruni, iguanas, skinks, butterflies, over 140 species of birds, and numerous species of snakes including Boas, Vine Snakes, and Tropical rattlesnakes.

Diria contains some of the last old growth forest on the peninsula with lots of wonderful tree species and 382 plant species including Mahogany, Ceibas, Pochote along with many endangered species.


Area de Conservacion Tempisque (ACT)
Apdo 5251, Hojancha, Costa Rica
Main: 506-659-9194
Lodge: Sector Diria Ranger Station

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