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In general, Costa Rica is an easy place to get around. Of course you want to see all the best sights in Costa Rica and enjoy the exciting activities that have made the country famous. But not all that stuff is in one place. Most tourists opt to move around a little during their Costa Rica vacation.

There are several convenient means of travel available to help people tour by region. Which one is best for you will be based on your budge, time constraints and ability/willingness to navigate foreign roads.

Click the individual pages below to learn more about each form of transportation.

By plane. Costa Rica has a large international airport that services carriers from around the world. It also has a domestic airport with two well-established airlines offering regularly scheduled flights to areas around the country.

By bus. Many Costa Ricans travel cross-country by bus, so there are planned routes in almost every direction. Tourists will find buses inexpensive and easy to use.

By shuttle. In Costa Rica, shuttles are like big taxis that take you where you want to go. They can be privately hired (perfect for a large family) or shared with other travelers going in the same direction.

By car. Cars are fairly easy to rent in Costa Rica and lots of people do it. As long as drivers know what challenges to look out, they should be able to manage a successful trip.


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However you travel, make your way to Costa Rica. You won't regret it.

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