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The culinary culture of Costa Rica. Like most countries, Costa Rica has its own traditional foods that render delicate and delicious flavors indicative of the area. Generally mild, even the pickiest foreign travelers are likely to find the foods very palatable.

A lunch or dinner platter is called casado and offers a mix of items, usually 5-6 small servings together on a plate.

Gallo pinto is the famous and beloved blend of rice and beans that is served every morning at local establishments, usually alongside eggs. Beans and rice, in fact, are likely to make a showing at every meal, although they typically sit side-by-side (not mixed) at lunch and dinner. They are the staples of Costa Rican cooking.

Plantains are also securely rooted in Tico cooking. This large member of the banana family may be sliced, flattened and fried into thick potato-like discs. Or sautéed in butter and sugar until their soft texture and sweet taste render a more dessert-like result.

Corn tortillas are used in a variety of ways. They may be served on the side for wrapping, or cooked into or under other things.

Meats are common, especially beef, chicken and fish.

Chopped, cooked vegetables are almost always part of a meal. Seasoned onions and peppers are often served as a side or mixed into other items, like the rice or beans or meat dishes. Squashes are also commonly used.

Fruits are very important in Costa Rican diets. They are usually served fresh and whole, or blended into juice drinks called frutas frescos.

Cheese that is made in Costa Rica is white, not orange. It has a mild flavor and may be served in a chunk or in dishes.

Salsa Lizano is a name brand salsa that is found on every restaurant table and added to almost any dish. The flavor is unique.

Ensalada Rosado, also called a Russian salad, is a delightful chopped salad made with cooked beets, potatoes, hard boiled eggs and mayo that graces Tico tables.

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