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Can you own a slice of heaven?

A Central American success story. A thriving economy, democratic government, and peaceful society had made Costa Rica stand out among its geographical neighbors. The country's industry is largely agricultural and tourism based with a growing technology sector. The Costa Rican standard of living is comparatively high and land ownership is widespread.

Home is where the heart is. Many visitors fall in love with the raw rich landscape and laidback lifestyle that are hallmarks any Costa Rica vacation. Some are so taken by their experience, they find themselves considering the possibility of relocating. But what are the realities of moving to Costa Rica?

Joining the ranks of expats. Costa Rica is a well-developed nation that has retained much of its natural beauty, offering to its residents the rare and sublime combination of quality resources and off-the-beaten-path tranquility. So it is no surprise that people from other places, including the United States, are settling there. Indeed, expat communities are constantly growing and this influx of foreigners has created a strong real estate market, especially for homes with luxury floor plans and seaside views.

So, yes, it is possible to live full time in Costa Rica and even own property there. One of the most popular ex-pat communities is Escazu, just outside the capitol city of San Jose.

However, there are many challenges to consider.

Buyer beware! Anyone interested in buying land or property in Costa Rica would be well-served to find a competent advisor. The legal ins-and-outs of ownership are extensive and murky to navigate. Most importantly, the requirements, contracts and assurances are not the same as in other countries.

Start with a visit. Knowledge about which regions to consider and an understanding of the Costa Rican culture comes with experience. There are so many great attractions and outrageously fun things to do in Costa Rica that any trip will prove worthwhile. And a journey through the country may offer an additional opportunity to explore the real estate market.


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Whether or not your tropical vacation turns into a permanent relocation, you will find extraordinary adventure in Costa Rica!