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Museums of Costa Rica

Experience the history, arts and culture of this beautiful country

A high educational standard and long history of peace and prosperity have fostered a wide selection of museums of Costa Rica. Most of these museums are found in the Central Valley Region, especially in and around the capital city of San José. Contact them directly for information about location, hours and entrance fees.


Museo Nacional de Costa Rica* - The Costa Rican National Museum (Archaeological, Historical, Natural History)
Museo de Arte Costarricense* - The Costa Rican Art Museum
Museo de los Niños* - The Children's Museum (recommended for kids up to 12 years)
Museo de Oro Pre-Colombiano* - The Gold Museum (Archaeological , Pre-Columbian)
Museo del Jade* – The Jade Museum (Archaeological)
Museo Criminológico* - The Criminology Museum (not for the weak hearted)
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo* - The Contemporary Art Museum
Museo de Insectos de la Universidad de Costa Rica (MIUCR)* - The Insect Museum
Museo Para La Paz - Museum for Peace
Museo del Deporte - Sports Museum
Museo de Zoologia de Escuela de Biologia – The Zoological Museum, University of Costa Rica
Museo de Formas Espacios y Sonidos (MUFES) - The Museum of Space and Sound
Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo - Museum of Arts and Contemporary Design
Museo de Moneda – The Money Museum
Museos de Numismática - Numismatic Museum
Museo del Colegio Superior de Señoritas - Women's Education and History Museum
Museo Dr. Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia - Historical Museum
Museo Postal, Telegráfico y Filatélico – The Postal Museum
Museo Joaquín Garcia Monge - Historical Museum
Museo de Ciencias Naturales La Salle - The La Salle Natural Science Museum
Museo Regional de Arte Costarricense - Costa Rican Museum of Regional Art
Museo Histórico Tecnológico del Grupo ICE - Historical Technology Museum
Museo Regional de Perez Zeledón - Archaeological and Historical Museum
El Sepentario – The Serpentarium (Reptiles and amphibeans)


El Mundo de la Tortuga - World of the Sea Turtle (Playa Grande, Costa Rica)
Orosi Church & Religious Museum (Orosi, Costa Rica)
Museo de Cultura Popular – Museum of Pop Culture (Heredia, Costa Rica)
Museo de Culturas Indígenas (Heredia, Costa Rica)
Juan Santamaría Museum (Alajuela, Costa Rica)
Museo Zoomarino – Marine Life Museum (Heredia, Costa Rica)
Insect Museum, Poás Volcano National Park (Alejuela, Costa Rica)
Hidden Garden Art Gallery (Liberia, Costa Rica)
Museo de San Ramón - San Ramón Museum (Alejuela, Costa Rica)
Museo Joyas del Trópico Húmedo - Jewels of the Humid Tropics Museum (Heredia, Costa Rica)
Karen Mogensen Fischer Museum (Montezuma, Costa Rica)
Museo de la Tortuga – The Sea Turtle Museum (Limon, Costa Rica)

above photo courtesy of
Andy Rusch