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Hot Air Ballooning in Costa Rica

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Soar like an eagle over the Costa Rican cloud forest canopy. If you journey into North Central Costa Rica, you have the opportunity to go hot air ballooning. Only 20 miles east of the Arenal Volcano, Serendipity Adventures lifts visitors to the sky. Your flighted tour, which lasts between 45 minutes and 2 hours (average is 75 minutes), offers sights relished by very few people.

See monkeys, birds and iguanas from on high. Take a spectacular look at a puffing volcano. Feel a tropical breeze in your face as you peer down at rolling green treetops. Dip to follow the soft curve of a river amid swirling birdsong. Take pictures of it all!

Seredipity is the only hot air balloon company in all of Costa Rica. It has been providing hot air balloon trips since 1991 with high safety standards. Equipment inspection and repairs meet U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

This company was selected by Forbes Travel and MS-NBC as "top 10 ballooning in the world". It also offers other popular adventure travel experiences, including white-water rafting, canyoneering, mountain biking, zip lining, hiking & camping, sea kayaking, tree climbing and bird watching. As well as Costa Rica culture tours.


Serendipity Adventures
Toll free from U.S and Canada: (888) 226-5050 or (877) 507-1358
Toll free within Costa Rica: 800-225-5911 (DO NOT put a "1" in front of 800)
Office hours: M-F 8am to 5pm MDT

Take a hot air balloon flight up, up and away in Costa Rica.

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