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Costa Rica - Hiking

Talk about a hiking paradise! With the abundant national parks, all with amazing sites, you can't help but enjoy a hike in Costa Rica.

The national parks offer established hiking paths with improvements such as stepping stones for crossing streams and hand rails for steep where needed. There are established routes with varying degrees of difficulty and guided tours. Camping is available at certain parks but most don't allow for deep penetrations as a preservation effort.

Nature hikes, rugged hikes, and vista hikes, each offer a different experience, all can be had in Costa Rica. There are numerous hiking and trekking tours available from Arenal & Monteverde to Chirripo National Park to Corcovado National Park and even around San Jose, the nations capital city.

There is just no better way see the nature of Costa Rica than to be in the nature of Costa Rica. There is so much wildlife to see that numerous memory cards for your camera will required equipment.

above photo courtesy of
Justin Knabb