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Chirripo National Park

Region: Central
Location: 34 miles (56 km) in a straight line southeast of San Jose
Size: 125,650 acres
National Park since: August 30, 1975
Highlights: highest peak in all of Costa Rica, Mount Chirripo, hiking, climbing, thick primary cloud forest.
Facilities: Ranger station in Gerardo de Rivas open from 5am to 12pm. Los Crestones Base camp has bunk beds, cold showers, and cooking area. Indian Pass Camping Area on the Uran Trail.

With the highest elevation at 12,538 feet and just over 8000' of elevation change between San Gerardo Ranger Station and the peak of Mount Chirripo, Chirripo National Park provides plenty of hiking and climbing fun. No advanced climbing experience is nessary to reach the top which is typically a 3 day jaunt and 30 miles round trip.

Camping can be dones at the Indian Pass Camping Area along the Uran trail.


Los Crestones Base Camp
San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica
Main: 771-5116
Lodge: none
Email: not available

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