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Costa Rica is a country of amazing biodiversity. Its rare natural attractions and reputation for conservation attract visitors from all around the world. Over 1400 species of trees and an extraordinary array of rainforest wildlife will keep the naturalist in your group happily occupied.

Every tourist dollar counts. Costa Rica depends heavily on tourism and is the richest country in Central America, which generally means better infrastructure and lower crime rates. The government is democratic and there is no military. The people are fairly well-educated and the culture is warm and inviting. Freshly prepared meals, while simple, are usually delicious. These attributes draws visitors back to Costa Rica again and again. Indeed many ex-pats now call this sliver of heaven "home".

The mild tropical weather in Costa Rica—essentially a rainy season and a dry season—make it ideal for vacationing. Varied terrain renders Costa Rica a multi-sport mecca, providing enough activities for the most adventurous traveler, yet offering serene stretches of white sand beaches perfect for relaxation.

Where is Costa Rica exactly? Costa Rica is in Central American, which is north of the equator. On the map, the country of Nicaragua is positioned above Costa Rica and Panama is below.

Costa Rica is only about 70 miles wide at its narrowest part. Bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, the seemingly endless Costa Rican coastline varies from lush, mangrove-fringed beach to rugged, rocky shore. Inland, exhilarating whitewater rivers snake through thick green landscape.

Costa Rica is perhaps best known for its rainforests. The country has managed to protect good chunks of primary rainforest, and of all places to experience the rainforest, this is one of the best choices for many reasons:
• Despite having some of the largest tracts of jungle in Central America, it's easy to take short hikes, canopy walks, horseback rides or half day rafting trips.
• The animals, especially birds and monkeys, can be readily seen.
• Small rainforest lodges with excellent guides and creative cooks dot the country and travel times are rarely longer than 3 hours.
• Some of these lodges have developed special programs for families traveling with children as young as 6 years old.

Costa Rica also lies at the heart of one of the most active volcanic regions on earth known as the Pacific Rim of Fire. The spectacular glowing displays from the inexhaustible Arenal Volcano will delight visitors who have never seen lava flows.

Costa Rica highlights. If you are a first-timer to Costa Rica you will certainly want to consider the following activities in your itinerary: a cloud forest canopy walk, a zip line adventure, volcano tour, whitewater rafting trip, and a visit to a one of the country's sea turtle programs along a secluded beach.

Costa Rica offers such diversity that you'll never be able to see it all or do everything in a single trip. But you have to start somewhere… so just go and discover for yourself the magic that is Costa Rica!


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Costa Rica is a spectacular country with unique landscapes, cuisine and culture.